Breaking the Color Barrier and the National Parks


I simply cannot wait until the Breaking the Color Barrier conference next month where I’ll have the privilege of sharing the importance of social media to transmit the “outdoor” message to wider audiences than ever before!

As an example of this, check out the interview below with tireless conference organizer and champion of the National Parks, Audrey Peterman. I hear registrations are selling briskly. Buy your package now so you and your organization are included in this groundbreaking event!

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9 Thoughts on “Breaking the Color Barrier and the National Parks”

  • thanks, rue. this conference is going to make an immense difference. it is high time we unplug from the digital world and become reconnected with mother earth.

    it will be a pleasure to learn from you!


  • I saw this interview yesterday and Audrey Peterman is simply inspiring! I'm excited that you guys are spreading the word…there's a whole big world out there. Keep up the good work all


  • Hi Cherie,

    I think that social media is key to transmitting this important message so people know they CAN and SHOULD get out of doors.

    We are going to have a blast at the conference!

  • Hey Todd — I am so glad you found us! I really hope you and your family can make the event and hope you chime in here otherwise!

  • I grew up spending a great deal of vacation
    time in state and national parks. It's not that people of color don't know about these places it's access and economic level.

    Let's be honest families with kids in jack and jill have always gone on vacations. The vulcan blazers rv club was big on the east coast, but how many fire fighters of color are there.To many rv clubs are exclusive as well.It's the city kids of all colors who rarely if get to travel to these places and therefore don't pass the lagacy of outdooring on to their kids.

    Perhaps in this conference some discussion on a media blitz about rediscovering what's in our own backyards might help. Make fees affordable for single blue collar working mothers and families. If women feel as though they will be "safe" in these parks more of them would show up.Right now the image is of brady bunch families,the retired,twenty something college students, and "loonies" who might sneak into the campground and kill everyone types. Okay this is what I hear when trying to get people of color to
    the parks. We all need to share our experiences beyond smores and hiking, as some people are still not over that "bad" boy or girl scout trip.

    I live on the east coast and there are plenty of folks who love to visit the "islands" and have done so many times but never step foot in national parks or state parks. As a Floridian I can say that's a shame because our parks cover both land and sea from the gulf to the Atlantic.
    I will be blogging about them to do my part.

  • BINGO sister! This is precisely why I do this blog, but it will take a holistic effort to get people to engage with what is right in our own backyard and often free!

    One other thing we can’t discount however are the scars of slavery and institutional poverty that continue to penetrate the consciousness of black people and prevents us from choosing activities and recreation in natural settings
    You are right, it’s NOT about the money, it is about raising awareness about the MANY options and benefits found in the outdoors.

    Keep blogging – and let me know your blog address so I can add you to my Blog Roll!


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