What Kind of Outdoor Afro Are You Anyway?

People are going nuts over a quiz I put together almost a year ago. I actually forgot about it until recently, and remembered it while taking someone else’s goofy quiz.

Wanna know your style of Outdoor Afro? Need some new ideas for outdoor fun?

Answer five easy questions to find out!

2 Thoughts on “What Kind of Outdoor Afro Are You Anyway?”

  • Great concept, though I disagree with the outcome. Camping is on the top of my list. I think I’d be more comfortable in my tent than my house. 🙂

    Great blog. This is my first time here and I’m sure I’ll be back

    • Definitely not scientific, but a fun way for people to think about *being* in the outdoors, especially if they have not given it much thought.

      So glad you came to visit! I enjoyed your blog site as well!

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