Whose Palm Frond is it Anyway?

In playgrounds across the country it is common to hear caregivers singing: Be nice…You have to share…Good job…

Over the weekend I was reflecting on how much my friends and I have learned to intervene and involve ourselves in our children’s play as a demonstration of what we have come to think of as good parenting — very much unlike our own parents, who seemed to never be clued in to our own childhood playtime.

In the video below, I realized I had to make an effort to bite my tongue as I filmed my daughter and another young boy go a bit of back and forth regarding the ownership of an errant palm frond. Watch:

Note how peaceful the situation was resolved without any guidance from me — and I imagine what they learned for themselves through this interaction.

Do you intervene and/or problem solve for your children as they play? Why or why not?

4 Thoughts on “Whose Palm Frond is it Anyway?”

  • Just learned about your web site after reading Black Web 2.0. Love it. Thanks for creating space for us outdoor Afro people. I have loved nature since I was a child in the 70s. I love practicing yoga and meditating in my local park. I also love walks in nature and adore finding nature in urban places like my hometown of DC. Keeps shining.

    • I am so glad you are a part of the community, and thankful for your comment. Please keep spreading the word, and join the community to share your stories, blogs, and videos.


  • That was resolved very civilly. I like how they both refrained from the grip and pull behavior. It pays to have connections.:)”I know somebody who can split this apart.”

  • I know Tony — I can’t say I would have been as civil myself, considering the scarcity of that particular piece of nature that day!

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