Certified Life Guards

Outdoor Afro Tracey Friley wants you to know about another shade of lifeguard. These are the qualified staff that make her youth outdoor travel program purr…

Learn more about her program, OBG Adventure Camps that provide travel and learning adventure excursions for girls ages 11-16, with an emphasis on a multicultural camp and travel experience:

4 Thoughts on “Certified Life Guards”

  • Thanks for the big shout out! Woot!
    I am terribly proud of my program, but it would be nothing without my qualified lifeguard staff. Not only do they offer parents 100% peace of mind with regard to their childrens’ safety on the waterfront, but they dispel any and all myths relative to Our ability to swim and importantly, they are role models to the adventurers at all OBG Adventure Camps. For young girls to see women that look like them in careers/hobbies that are rarely shown in the media is huge.
    Alley and Mary were lifeguards before they were my staff, but somehow I feel like a proud Mama Bear. I am proud to know them and proud to be a fellow Brown Girl fish of the sea…

  • I’m a proud Brown Girl artist and educator of other Brown Girls. I’m also a huge fan and supporter of OBG. It is a vision I share that OGBs see themselves in the women who work with and guide them. Americans, generally, don’t travel much beyond our own borders and the OBG program is designed to open up the world and other cultures to young girls. Que viva OBG!

    • I could not agree more! I think OBG is helping change the world! I can’t wait until my 9-year-old can participate! Thanks for your comment!

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