Back From Family Camp

I just drove in from my time in nature with the kids at Feather River Camp where we spend a part of every summer. On the way home, I reflected with gratitude on how adaptive the camp experience is. For a change this year, instead of high impact adventure, tie-dye shirt making, and day-long trips to nearby waterfalls, I chose instead to spend most of my time curled up under shade and enjoyed with new perspective my 20-year-old copy of the classic Their Eyes Were Watching God that links love to nature in ways I never before understood.

So this year at camp, I spent less time doing, and more time watching, noticing, and being. For instance, I identified new species of birds and bugs (yes, bugs). I stared at a doe at rest among the Ponderosa Pines for what seemed like forever, and I was still enough to observe without meddling the humorous social entanglements between my children and their camp friends. As a result, I am back home feeling rested, and revitalized instead of in need of another vacation.

I encourage more of you to take the chance this summer to get out with your loved ones and simply be in nature. It really is enough.

To learn more about accredited family camp options in your area, check out the American Camp Association website.

Check out the promo of the camp we attend:

4 Thoughts on “Back From Family Camp”

  • Hey Rue,

    You and your family are missed! Camp is full of other families, but the sound of Billy’s voice not echoing off of the mountains makes me melancholy. See you soon! And thanks for spending time at Feather River Camp!

  • Hi Billy! We are very much missing camp already, although my only regret is not telling you enough how wonderful everything was! You are doing a terrific job running things, I am very much looking forward to connecting with you after the season ends to learn more about how I can be of support of such an important place.

  • Hi Rue- Fun to hear about your family camping experience at Feather River Camp. Get’s me excited about a camping trip next weekend with my favorite six year old and the rest of the family! Glad you are enjoying the summer.

    Happy Camping!!

  • Hi Julie! Thanks for your comment. I sure hope you are able to share your experience in photos with Outdoor Afros!

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