Mo’ Better Food: Feeding Ourselves

In the spirit of this week’s recognition of Black farmers, here is a wonderful video by Max Roach of Mo’ Better Food. He interviews Will Scott, President of the African American Farmers of California, who presides over 20 farmers in the state.

I have had Mr. Scott’s wonderful black-eyed peas from the West Oakland Farmer’s Market that keep amazingly well in the freezer to enjoy in winter months.

Who are the black farmers in your family and community?

5 Thoughts on “Mo’ Better Food: Feeding Ourselves”

  • This would be a “truck farm” operation with the potential to provide produce to local restaurants and grocery stores (not to be confused with transnational supermarkets and chains). A rule of thumb to consider is the bigger the client, the less likely you’ll be paid in a timely fashion (if at all).

  • I love this interview. I love what he says about “feeding the community.” It’s not really about the big stores or restaurants–it’s about the community. Tara at Tara Firma Farms has a great philosophy on farmers feeding the world. She basically believes that small farms cannot feed the world, but feed their communities. If there are enough communities of small farms to feed their own community, then we could theoretically feed ourselves. So for the issue of black/urban farmers, feeding their community is a powerful thing indeed.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments Angela. I am in agreement that we can
      change food systems one home; one community at a time.

  • I loved this video. It’s great to see an elder share his story within the context of his family’s migration from the Mid-West. Wow, the soundtrack added a beautiful element to it as well.

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