Spotted on Sunday (SOS)

Glad to report my 8 year-old-son Billy had his first surfing experience today, courtesy of my awesome co-worker Manav Thapar. Billy had no fear, and much tenacity, as he learned and was successful standing up several times on the board! I was too busy cheering him on to catch him on the waves, but here are a few shots of his wetsuit experience:

More images:

Also stoked to hear about Zoe Polk who was SOS in the Marin Headlands! She says the Marin Headlands is one of her favorite spots to hike because of its proximity to the San Francisco skyline, amazing ocean views, and the sweet smell of Eucalyptus trees whenever there’s a breeze. Check out that smile in the outdoors!


And Teresa Baker followed up with a shot of natural beauty in Big Sur, California!


Where were you Spotted on Sunday?

One Thought on “Spotted on Sunday (SOS)”

  • Surfing is an addictive sport/hobby. A lot of teenage kids love doing it. They look awesome when you see them with their heavy surfboard in tow, they will travel anywhere on the globe, put up with conditions you would wish only on your worst enemy, eat strange food and stay in substandard accommodation all for one reason: riding the perfect wave. 🙂

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