Looking Into the Past

A photo of Edward Barnieh’s sister and mother, 8 months pregnant with him, taken in February 1978 by his dad in an urban park in Bloomsbury, UK. He holds that picture up in the exact same place February 2010.

Looking into the Past
What memories do you have of your family enjoying nature? What can we imagine of our future in nature?

5 Thoughts on “Looking Into the Past”

  • What a beautiful pic! I wrote a poem about my mother and I walking the beach in La Jolla when we lived in San Diego circa 1976. I don’t have a vivid pic but I remember vividly my mother holding up french fires for seagulls who dove straight to an inch of her fingers to get the salty snack. She taught me to do the same.

    • Jfernanders – would be sweet for you to share this poem with OA – I have one I wrote about nature when I was a pup and I have been tempted to post it, bu feel shy…LOL

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Gorgeous post and picture! Maybe you could do a “outdoor Afro” shot every week? Have readers send in pics of themselves and/or kids playing in nature? Every Thursday Love Isn’t Enough does a “Gratuitous Kid Pic” to spotlight children (usually of color) which gave me the idea. I’ll share one of mine in nature to inspire!

    • This is such a great idea! And to make it sweeter for those who share would be to get a sponsor to pick the best each month to win a prize. Love it!

      • Prizes always help! But also just fun to do it. I’ll send you a few to start it off! You can pick your favorite 🙂

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