Hug a Tree This Weekend

I never considered myself a tree hugger before, but 150 year-old “Grandfather Beech” changed my mind!

This tree is a resident favorite at Atlanta’s Outdoor Activity Center, which houses the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance and Keeping it Wild two organizations that are doing tremendous good to connect Atlantans with nature and conservation right in their own backyard. While holding this tree, I felt the wisdom of its years and the calm of the surrounding forest. If you have never done so before, try hugging a tree this weekend — then tell us what it did for you!


2 Thoughts on “Hug a Tree This Weekend”

  • I was allergic to pecan trees as a child but they lined the street I grew up on in Texas. They’re all over Texas, the state tree of Texas. A staple of my childhood. Each fall, grandmothers and aunts could be found ass in the air beneath them picking pecans for the holiday pies I never ate. They were never my favorite until I moved out of Texas & into the Mojave desert – a region of the earth that, at first glance, resembled the moon. I was just about to wimp out & run back home when I discovered an old friend on the wildlife refuge on which my spouse was to be working. A very healthy pecan tree planted ages ago by early settlers as part of a fruit orchard that fed passing travelers. But I’m sure these early residents planted it here just for me. I appreciate their thoughtfulness and the tree’s resilience by giving it a good squeeze every day!

    • Thanks for sharing Idamia – what a lovely story. Nothing like a tree to help you feel connected to home – no matter where you are.

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