The Way Home: Returning to the National Parks

The Way Home: Returning to the National Parks from NPCA on Vimeo.

“You shouldn’t have to convince people to go to paradise,”

–Shelton Johnson, Ranger, Yosemite National Park

Although our national parks belong to all Americans, it’s a sad fact that very few people of color ever set foot in some of our country’s most beautiful places. Take a journey to Yosemite National Park with the Amazing Grace 50+ Club, a Los Angeles-based senior church group whose members are looking to reverse that trend.

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2 Thoughts on “The Way Home: Returning to the National Parks”

  • I had the fortunate opportunity last year and will this year also to work in Denali Nat. Pk, Alaska and in the 4 months I was there I think I saw no more than maybe 10-15 blacks. I thinks it’s a matter of education and MONEY as it is very expensive to travel to and stay anywhere in Alaska, but oh my what a fantastically beautiful place to visit.

    While I was there, I had the pleasure to meet and atttend a seminar that sponsered park ranger Shelton Johnson on this very topic.

  • The expression of the African American woman at the start of the video made me teary-eyed. It really showed that she was amazed with what she was seeing. Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming video!

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