Classic Images of African American 4H Youth Enjoying Nature

Our hearts melted when a member of the Outdoor Afro community on Facebook shared a link of photos, like the ones below that show images of black children enjoying and learning in nature in their 4-H camp in North Carolina in the 1940’s.

“What is old is new again.” one member commented. We could not agree more. Enjoy these timeless images that showcase examples of African American connections to nature over time.

Wake County – July 14-17, 1941, Camp Whispering Pines. Boys and girls enjoy a swim at the Wildlife Camp – at extreme right is M. H. Crockett, County agent Wake County


Wake County – July 14-17, 1941, Camp Whispering Pines. The “tree group” identified 14 different trees around the camp on a tour under supervision of Mr. Graber, ext. forrester

Check out the rest of the images here, Courtesy of North Carolina State University

2 Thoughts on “Classic Images of African American 4H Youth Enjoying Nature”

  • These black & white photo archives are outstanding! I followed the link to the entire digital collection posted and am truly pleased to see these available for public use (with credit to NCSU archives/database please). Extremely inspiring and yet added fodder to continue dispelling the myths that “blacks don’t do….” – History is oh so important for all of us to remember and learn from.

    • Yes, I was really pleased as well and I anticipate more image like this will continue to surface to dispel the myth of African American engagement in nature and who teaches EE – what is really sweet to me, are seeing the African American educators, which is less seen today. It begs the question: when and how did this pool of educators from the community dry up?

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