Hiking with Rue Mapp, Founder of Outdoor Afro


It’s Alisha, leader of Outdoor Afro Los Angeles. This last weekend we were honored to have Rue Mapp the founder of Outdoor Afro join us for the weekend of events. We started with hiking Kenneth Hahn Park in Baldwin hills. Here’s a view from the top.


We stayed along the new path that newly opened and we were able to see the runners, hikers, kids and parents alike enjoy the new space. Along the trail there’s exercise machines, trees, a butterfly garden and of course traffic. After all this is LA.

We hiked over 2 miles and on the steepest incline our youngest Outdoor Afro hitched a ride.


This was great hike that local mad convenient to get to. We’d love to have you join us our our next adventure. We are going to start doing more fitness based outings to capture our LA folks attention.



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