TRE Los Angeles and Outdoor Afro


Alisha here, Outdoor Afro leader of Los Angeles. Sunday we were invited by the amazing Nkem Of TRE Los Angeles to learn tension release exercises. We were hosted by the stunning Village PlayGarden in the beautiful Altadena foothills.


We had a really great group that varied in age. We were all astounded at the highly effective yet simple exercises that allowed us to release tension and trauma. Even with the different ages, personalities and circumstances we were all able to experience relief.


We were able to connect to nature as well as one another in the group. It was one of the most grounding, balanced experiences I have had.


There was a sense of community and calm that every person in attendance attributed to. Our gracious host family pictured below welcomed everyone with so much love and positive energy.



This was an experience enjoyed by all who attended, even the children participated and were thoroughly entertained.


For anyone who hasn’t tried TRE, I highly recommend it. I look forward to partnering with TRE LA again in the near future. I want to make it a part of my weekly routine. Just look at the beautiful grounds we were able to enjoy for a couple hour on a beautiful Sunday while healing our bodies.



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