Now Presenting The 2016 Outdoor Afro Leadership Team!

Now Presenting The 2016 Outdoor Afro Leadership Team!

Sixty Leaders Will Create Relevant Outdoor Experiences in 26 States.

For the fifth year in a row, Outdoor Afro has recruited and selected enthusiastic volunteers from around the country to inspire black connections and leadership in nature. We are proud to be expanding to new cities including Boston, Denver, Miami, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, and Anchorage, AK

In April 2016, the Leadership Team will gather in Yosemite National Park to celebrate the National Park Service Centennial and in honor of the 150th Anniversary of the Buffalo Soliders’ stewardship of the park.

Utilizing an experiential learning model, the team will learn skills  vital to Outdoor Afro’s national movement to increase Black engagement with nature. Workshops, including “Creating Community in the Outdoors”  “African American Legacy of Stewardship and Conservation” and “Learning and Presenting on the Black History of Your Local Green Spaces,”  will be lead by senior Outdoor Afro leaders as well as African American park service staff.

Outdoor Afro is deeply grateful to our sponsors including REI, KEEN Footwear, Klean Kanteen, Sierra Club, and National Wildlife Federation – California.


Kendra Johnson
Kendra Johnson 
Anchorage, AK
Winter and Summer Hiker, Canoer, Gardener



Angela Fears
Angela Fears
Phoenix, Az
Yogi, Nature Photographer



Vicki ivan Julius Hampton
Vicki Allen
Los Angeles, CA
Swimmer, Mountain Lover
Ivan Guillory
Los Angeles, CA
Hiker, Nutritionist, Cyclist
Julius Hampton
Oakland, CA
Biker, Teacher, Yogi
. . .
Zoe monifa porter
Zoë Polk
San Francisco, CA
Waterfall Enthusiast, Backpacker
Monifa Porter
Oakland, CA
Forest Fan, Trail Runner
. . .
Jole Cliff Nina LaVelle
Jole Simmons
San Francisco, CA
Hiker, Father, Nature Photographer
Cliff Sorrell 
Hercules, CA
Orienteerist, Family Hiker
Nina Thiebert 
Oakland, CA
Yogi, Biker, Musician



KristePeoples-OA1 Roz Silva
Kriste Peoples
Denver, CO
Hiker, Runner, Sunshine Enthusiast
Roz Silva
Boulder, CO
Hiker, Wilderness Therapist



Absalom Massie
New Haven, CT
Hiker, Youth Motivator



James Little Tashana Hillary Van Dyke
James Little
Jacksonville, FL
Scuba Diver, Kayaker, Sailor
Ta-Shana Taylor
Miami, FL
Hiker, Geologist
Hillary Van Dyke
North Reddington Beach, FL
Trail Runner



Tamara Stefan Tamos Shakur
Tamara Johnson
Athens, GA
Ecologist, Campfire songstress
Stefan Moss
Marietta, GA
Hiker, Fruit Forager, Environmental Scientist
 Tammy Shakur
Atlanta, GA
Dog lover, Trail Runner
. . .
Wandi Steward
Columbus, GA
Swimmer, Kayaker, Mountain Biker



val morrow Chris Robinson Viva
Valerie Morrow
Oak Park, IL
Canoer, Cross Country Skier, Hiker
Chris Robinson
Chicago, IL
Hiker, Hammock Camper
Viva Yeboah
Chicago, IL
Environmental Steward, Hiker, Bicylcist




Yolanda Crocker Bradley
Gary, IN
Beach Hiker, Yogi, Foodie



Stevon Edwards Alicia Hurle
Stevon Edwards
Louisville, KY
Zipliner, Adventure Traveler
Alicia Hurle
Louisville, KY
Bicyclist, Hiker, Backpacker



Brittany Melody Graves
Brittany Leavitt
Baltimore, MD
Climber, Backpacker, Nature Photographer, Yogi
Melody Mckinley
Baltimore, MD
Fisherwoman, Sailor, Kite Flyer



Chaya Harris
Chaya Harris
Boston, MA
Camper, World Traveler



Alora Jones Greg Shuck
Alora Jones
Minneapolis, MN
Camper, Local Park Explorer
Greg Shuck
St. Paul, MN
Downhill Skier, Hiker



Mario Shakealia Finley Lekisha Hamilton
Mario Charles
St. Louis, MO
Hiker, Musician, Camper
Shakealia Finley
Columbia, MO
Camping Enthusiast
 Lekisha Hamilton
St. Louis, MO
Hiker, Cycler
. . .
Duane Williams
St. Louis, MO
Camper, Percussionist



Toyya Mahoney
Toyya Mahoney
Las Vegas, NV
Hiker, Explorer, Kayaker


New Jersey

Deb Smith Kelly
Deb Smith
Newark, NJ
Nature Walker, Meditator, Stand Up Paddleboader
Kelly Thomas
Newark, NJ
Musician, Camper


New York

Katina Grays Allison Guess
Katina Grays
New York, NY
Hiker, World Traveler
Allison Guess
New York, NY
Stargazer, Storyteller, Geographer


North Carolina

Beky Chris
Beky Branagan
Cary, NC
Camper, Trail Runner, Quilter
 Christopher Clarke
Durham, NC
Fisherman, Hiker



Kim Smith Woodford
Kimberly Smith-Woodford
Cleveland, OH
Nature Lover, Hiker



Pamela Slaughter
Portland, OR
Birder, Gardener, Community Organizer



David McCullogh
David McCullough
Ardmore, PA
Hiker, Science Educator


South Carolina

12742820_10208757307597229_6542872783037819457_n Porchia Yanira-Castro_OA
Adrienne Troy Frazier
Charleston, SC Kayaker, Nature Educator, Community Organizer
Porchia Moore
Columbia, SC
Camper, Beach Comber, Cyclist, Poet
 Yanira Castro
Fort Mill, SC
Hiker, Ocean Lover, Foodie



Tez Thompson 2016
Lotez Thompson
Nashville, TN
Hiker, Yogi, Swimmer



Tiara Chapman olatunde gbolahan OALT Starla Simmons
Tiara Chapman
Dallas, TX
Camper, Nature Educator
Olatunde Gbolahan
Austin, TX
Backpacker, Fisherman, Beach Camper
 Starla Simmons
Austin, TX
Swimmer, Forest Lover, Gardener



Akisha Leah Young
Akisha Mackritis
Woodbridge, VAHiker, Beach Explorer, Yogi
Leah Young
Fairfax, VAHiker, Photographer,  Camper



Alicia Marie Karmiah Matt
Alicia Highland
Seattle, WA
Hiker, Swimmer, Environmental Scientist
Karmiah Knowles
Snowboarder, Hiker, Runner
Des Moines, WA
 Matt Reese
Seattle, WA
Snowboarder, Father, Nature Enthusiast


Washington D.C.

Ray Charles Autumn Saxton Ross
Raymond Smith
Washington, DC
Backpacker, Snowboarder, Kayaker
Charles Taylor
Washington, DC
Snowboarder, Hiker, Fitness Motivator
Autumn Saxton Ross
Washington, DC
Local Park enthusiast,



cheryl LakeWindgra02202016
Cheryl Mitchell
Milwaukee, WI
Hiker, Fisherwoman
Nola Walker
Madison, WI
Tree Hugger, Hiker, Meditator


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