Outdoor Afro x Ford Bronco

I have been a volunteer leader of the Birmingham network for Outdoor Afro for five years now, and have enjoyed every minute of it. As a brand new mom, it’s easy to lose sight of your interests. So joining Outdoor Afro provided a sense of community that catered to and helped to reacclimate me with my interests, passions, and hobbies. And as of this year, I have been named the southeast regional leader, having the opportunity to advise and support others in the southeast.

Recently, I did a brief test drive behind the wheel of the 2021 Ford Bronco and also sat in the back seat. When I first saw it, I quickly noticed that it had a Yakama camping rig on top of it and immediately said to myself how much I wanted this vehicle. It was just one of those camping systems that I had never seen in person before. I also paid attention to the length of the roof and how it’s built to carry things such as my kayak.


Another thing that I noticed was how well the Ford Bronco rides. If I had to describe it,

“I would say that it was a deceptively smooth ride. While in the back seat, we went over lots of gravel, and I didn’t feel any bumps or ridges, nor was it too top-heavy.”



The car that we were in had a very soft, deep-brown, cognac-colored leather. Which made the ride equally luxurious as we were riding around over rocks in the woods. But what I loved most about the inside was there were hooks in the backseat that could be used for anything. I could use them for my carabiners when I’m climbing, they could be used to hold your child’s bottles, it just depends on whatever your lifestyle permits. Also with the bag, there was a paracord zipper. So if you’re like me and carry a lot of gear, you could easily zip things up on the backseat.

Additionally, the backseat was very spacious. I didn’t feel like I was in a box and liked that it could potentially hold both of my kids’ car seats. There’s even a tuck hatch that looked like it could hold mine, my husband’s, and our kid’s gear, with additional room to spare.

One of the nice things about the Ford Bronco was the attention to detail, as it is both elegant and approachable. We tend to orient ourselves by what we drive and people like to categorize us based on that. So it was clear that there was some consideration taken regarding the various demographics in customers. It’s just nice to know that I have the option to use my four-wheel drive to go over some rocks. But if I don’t want to, it’s equally nice to know that I’m in a vehicle that speaks to other parts of my personality.

In Outdoor Afro, we encourage you to define the outdoors for yourself. It isn’t just what we see as stereotypically outdoorsy, so we try to create narratives and images that show other representations of what the outdoors is. And I felt like that in the Ford Bronco.

It was a similar reflection in that it could be used outdoors to navigate the terrain, but it doesn’t have an off-putting or overly aggressive feel. I once viewed this vehicle as a “dad car” but this iteration of the Bronco can take me from brunch with my girls to the backcountry with Outdoor Afro.

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