Mt. Kilimanjaro Solidarity Events


We can’t all join the journey to Mt. Kilimanjaro, but in the true spirit of community, many Outdoor Afro networks are holding solidarity events across the country. If there isn’t an event near you, we encourage you to get out in nature and share your own journey using #OAClimbsKili. Ideas are below!


Solidarity Event Ideas

  • Hike the tallest peak in your region
  • Match the expedition team’s distance for a given day
  • Hike through changing terrains
  • Get an alpine start on a hike (alpine start means very early!)
  • Use natural materials and items found in nature to make a drum
  • Research Leave No Trace principles and conservation issues on Kili, such as the reduction of the glacier
  • Investigate plants endemic to your region; Plants like the giant groundsel are found only on Kili and Mt. Kenya


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