Leave No Trace in Your Neighborhood



  • Follow Leave No Trace Principles when heading out on the trail!
  • Learn more about your local parks. Most parks have special clean-up days on their calendar. If they do not, suggest to start hosting clean-up meetups.
  • Find out about the stewardship projects that are going on. Many local neighborhoods will host block party events around stewardship – creating a community garden, trash clean-up, and more. If not, start one!
  • When you go for a walk in your neighborhood, take a trash bag with you. You’d be amazed what you will see if you train yourself to look. Bring gloves!
  • Get the kids involved. Make a contest out of cleaning up. Every kid who picks up 20 pieces of trash gets a prize!
  • Get a group of your friends together and just get out there and do it! It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.



If you want to help at a National Park, some have local volunteer groups that help maintain parks and trails. We will continue to add to this list.


Here are a few organizations you can get involved with to learn more about land stewardship.