Outdoor Afro Socks – A Slice of Nature!


We are proud to collaborate with Smartwool on the first ever Outdoor Afro Sock!

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Designed by Outdoor Afro volunteer leader and artist Leandra Taylor, this performance hike sock features Indestructawool™ and Shred Shield™ durability technology, responsibly sourced Merino wool, and Smartwool’s signature 4 Degree™ elite fit system. Grab your #SliceOfNature today!

A message from the artist, Leandra Taylor aka “Seasonal Lee”


Leandra Taylor kneeling in woodsI was excited to hear about the special collaboration between Outdoor Afro and Smartwool. When I was asked to create a design for the collaboration, I immediately knew I wanted to share my “dream slice.”
My inspiration for the original artwork was simple; I wanted to combine my love of pizza and nature — a slice of nature, if you will. The idea came to me while staring at a picture of gourmet pizza randomly one day.

“What if the crust was a log with grass?” I asked myself. I love a clever pun, so I decided to run with it.


Throughout my time navigating life during a pandemic, I found myself longing for fresh breezes, bird songs, and the sweet summer buzz of cicadas in the trees. One of my favorite slices of nature is a grassy meadow dressed with wildflowers and dancing butterflies. I remember the first time I ever came across a meadow, while hiking in New Mexico a couple of years ago. I was immediately mesmerized by the glow of sunlight on the layers of grass and vegetation. It was magnificent. There was a herd of cows peacefully grazing, oblivious to my presence. I stood in awe, silently taking in deep breaths, before continuing on the trail. I was pleasantly surprised to find the secret meadow tucked away behind the trees, a natural delicacy.

Outdoor Afro Smartwool Sock Pizza Slice

I created this design while perched on my front porch, which has become my personal slice of nature. I’ve spent a lot of time during quarantine on my porch watching lizards in the bushes, gazing at the clouds, and listening to nesting birds.

Outdoor Afro reminds us that “nature never closes” and I’ve found comfort in nature right in my front lawn. I hope this design inspires others to think about their favorite slice of nature.


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